Original price was: $2,600.00.Current price is: $2,500.00.

Resellers receive their own panel with login & password to manage the accounts & credits they purchase.

The minimum to create a panel for resellers is 10 credits. From their panel, resellers can create accounts for clients.

1 month One IPTV ===> 0.1 credit.
3 months One IPTV ===> 0.25 credits.
6 months One IPTV ===> 0.5 credits.
12 months One IPTV ===> 1 credits.


Do you want to earn money by becoming a reseller of One IPTV ?

Become a reseller of IPTV subscriptions and earn additional income through a partnership with One IPTV our offers are serious and your customers will be satisfied, our streaming servers are the most powerful on the market and the most advantageous prices.

How does it work?

.1. At first you should get a panel from ONE IPTV to manage your credit and user accounts . * You should have your venue or platform to sell service (For example a website) and the mentioned panel is just for managing account, credit, sub-resellers and connection between you and ONE IPTV. 2.Then you should buy Credit from ONE IPTVas following plans. 3.After you received an order from your customer you should refer to this panel and active account for your customer as he/she wish.For example: you have 10 credit in your account and you have sold a 1 month IPTV account for 20 $. You generate a 1 month account in your panel and 0,10 credit will be deduct and remaining credit is 9,9 in your panel.


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